5 Reasons Why You Should Train Mixed Martial Arts

5 Reasons Why You Should Train Mixed Martial Arts

MMA – the fastest growing sports worldwide

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide. With the rise of promotions like the UFC, Bellator MMA, Invicta FC, and ONE FC onto mainstream sports outlet such as Sky Sports and BT Sport, everyone from children to grandparents are tuning in to watch hair-raising knockouts and bloody battles between cage fighting warriors on television.

Every day, more and more of these superfans are strapping on gloves or hopping on the mat to train themselves in their local gym. Maybe you’ve walked by a martial arts gym and envisioned yourself trading punches with a worthy opponent, but you never took that first step through the door. Starting something new, especially martial arts, can feel intimidating, but don’t worry because our family at Elements Martial Arts will help and guide you on your personal journey into the world of combat sports.

So, what should you do if you find yourself contemplating joining a gym to start your journey into martial arts, but you aren’t completely sold? Check out five of our favourite reasons to start training mixed martial arts today and stop by to get started!

MMA is Great for Fitness

There’s a reason a lot of group fitness classes base their programming off boxing, kickboxing, or some other striking sport – it works! MMA gets your blood pumping, your muscles firing, your heart rate firing, and the sweat rolling. Traditional fitness programs follow a very linear pattern with a prescribed weight for a certain number of repetitions followed by a rest period. This is a great way to build muscle but there are plenty of alternatives, like martial arts, that can elicit even better results while having much more fun. Unlike traditional strength and conditioning programs that incorporate barbells and other weight training equipment, martial arts force you to learn how to control your bodyweight through various planes of movement in unpredictable patterns while building your cardiovascular endurance at the same time. If you need further proof, that martial arts and BJJ will help you shed a few pounds and add some real-world strength, just look at professional fighters – they’re in phenomenal shape for a reason and it isn’t because they want to look good.

MMA Builds Self- Confidence

Self-confidence is one of the most underrated factors to living a happy and healthy life. When you are confident in yourself and your abilities you perform at your best whether that is on the mat, in school, or at work – strong confidence equals great performance. Under the watchful eye of our experienced coaching staff, martial arts will help you cultivate a strong sense of self-confidence through learning and drilling new techniques or mastering movements that you never dreamed you’d be able to accomplish. This self-belief in your abilities in the gym will translate to other areas of your life. You’ll be more willing to try things outside of your comfort zone. You might just finally do that thing you’ve been putting off because you weren’t sure you’d be able to do it.

MMA Teaches Discipline

Regardless of whether you train mixed martial arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or another form of martial arts, these sports have one quality at their foundation: discipline. Through MMA and other martial arts students learn to leave their ego at the door, maintain an open mind when learning and drilling new techniques, show up on time and prepared for every class, speak to instructors and classmates with respect, and to show the gym or dojo with the utmost respect every time you step on the mat.
One of the most critical elements to starting a new habit or kicking an old one, losing weight, or in this case, training MMA is consistency. You can have an amazing practice once or twice a month but if you aren’t disciplined and committed to attending at least 2-3 practices a week, you’re not allowing your body to build the muscle memory or your brain to learn the movements patterns needed to throw a high volume of strikes or grapple for a sustained period like you’d see in a fight. Consistency goes beyond just showing up and training hard at the gym. You must be consistent with your diet, sleep, and recovery outside the gym. You can do everything right in the gym but if your nutrition is lacking because you’re downing soda and chips every night or binge-watching Netflix when you should be sleeping or failing to stretch and occasionally take a yoga class, then your performance will quickly decline.

MMA prepares you for Self Defence

At the moment of attack, you rarely have time to process what is happening. This mean you have very little left to rely on. Coordination, timing and reflexes are very important. Developing these limited tools are what you need to deal with confrontational situations. The only way to develop them are through sparring. This allows you to pressure test what you have drilled into your muscle memory through drilling. Martial arts will allow you to do this with the right balance of drilling and sparring.

MMA Strengthens Communities

One of the most underrated aspects about a martial arts gym is the family-oriented culture often found within the doors of any successful gym. Unlike at a commercial fitness center where members come in, do their own workout, and sometimes leave without even uttering a word to another person; at a martial arts facility you’re encouraged to engage with rest of the other students.

Here at Elements, we take it a step further. Our students don’t just talk about what is going on in the ring or on the mat, often their conversations are about families, weekend adventures, and hundreds of other things happening outside the gym that help our students build strong relationships with their teammates by getting to know one another on a personal level.

So, if you’re serious about getting healthier and need a fitness program that will work this time, try martial arts!

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